Who is Studio Blue Lion?

Studio Blue Lion is a company of two young enthusiastic and critical motion graphic designers. We, Bas Kuijstermans & Brent van Helvoirt, have both studied Animation at the Koning Willem 1 College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. During our study we were selected to set up a design project in Italy. From that moment, we realized what we could bring as a team and decided to create multiple projects to finish our study. After graduation we wanted to keep working together and so on we started Studio Blue Lion.

Animation is a new way of telling stories and visualizing ideas. Combining technology with creativity can provide new interesting pieces of art. We try to achieve the best in each project by listening closely to what our clients and partners have to say. Because of this, we keep our eyes open on what is happening in the new digital world. Collaborating with other designers and artists makes Studio Blue Lion better and more conscious in what we make.

Brent van Helvoirt

Motion Graphics Designer


Bas Kuijstermans

Motion Graphics Designer


What does Studio Blue Lion do? 

We love creating digital products and making animations with a lot of passion. Here are some services we offer!
Custom Concept

With just a few ideas or instructions we can create a specific and effective concept which delivers the desired result.

New Identity

Is your brand in need to be refreshed and deserves more attention? Give your company a boost with a unique animation that will impress your clients and partners.

Full Product

Since we combine both expertises, we can offer a full product. Which means that we can create a full animation from beginning to end. Including all the different phases, like setting up a concept till the last final touches in our animation.

Our Partners

We understand that a project sometimes need more than animation only. In that case, we’ll search together for a media related partner of us that can provide just what we need.

Make your message visual

We create animations for live visuals, events, corporate projects, film, mobile devices, and anything else you suggest.